About Me

Lukas Dürrenberger

Born in the 90s, my interest in computers have started with Windows 95 and old DOS games. Making the first programming experiences with Visual Basic 6, then later with Visual Basic .NET, before moving more into the PHP / MySQL / HTML / CSS space of the early 2000s and slowly getting into C++, as well as some basic game development.

Today, I work as a software engineer at Zühlke Engineering AG mostly with C# and lots of TSQL in the backend, while having only done very basic work with Angular and React.

In my free time, I help maintain the Simple and Fast Multimedia Library (SFML), as well as various other open source projects surrounding it.
To compensate for all the technical work, I play the Viola and love doing so the most in an orchestra setting. When the opportunity presents itself, I enjoy singing in choirs or also as solo bass. Currently I'm part of the Sinfonieorchester TiFiCo.

I am a Christian and firm believer in Jesus Christ as my savior.

Feel free to contact me any time through any channel listed above!