Game Development



Aspirin is my first finished game and has its idea and name from a calculator game that I used to enjoy quite a bit. When I created this game in the beginning of 2011, I used GatorQueEngine to jump start the development of the game. I find the game play quite enjoyable and am still a bit proud on the nice looking splash screen.


Jumpy is a clone of the well-known Doodle Jump game by Lima Sky. The first version of Jumpy was released for the 19th SFML Community Contest of the German speaking SFML community. After the contest I've refactored the code and made a few improvements code-wise. The game was ported to Android and released via Nephilim Games to the Play Store in 2013, but was removed later on.

Windows / Source Code


The first SFML Game Jam took place in the summer 2013 and was run under the topic "Lights and Shadows". We had 72h to create a game with SFML, but could also use personal and other libraries. I've created Lightspeed from scratch without any other library than SFML. It was a very interesting experience and I learned again a few more things.

Submission / Blog Post

Temporary Outbreak

This is the entry to the second SFML Game Jam and was created in collaboration with Bromeon. It's you against a world doomed by zombies. However, time is on your side. Build turrets, barricades and mines to defend the citizens from the zombies. Undo mistakes by travelling to the past, or foresee the outcome by observing the future.

Submission / Windows

Synth Guitar

For the first time in two years, I have finally managed to participate in a Ludum Dare Compo. The theme of the 32nd Compo was "An Unconventional Weapon" and my final result is Synth Guitar. The goal is to reach the nice looking tile and by using the marked keys one can play a sound that will open the matching door.

Submission / Windows

Work In Progress

Rickety Racquet

This game has its origin in an attempt to make a community project, but quickly developed into a game with only very few maintainers. At the beginning I was part of it as well, but as my time got eaten up by other interes, I stopped contributing. Since this is still a very nice project, I hope to find my way back to it at some point.

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The game idea here came from an older game, I used to play when I was a younger. You need to build a pipe system from the well to the sink with the provided blocks and within a certain time. After the time is over water will run through the pipes and if it leaks you lost. It's in a very early stage.


This was the first game I was trying to create with SFML, it even pre-dates Aspirin. Unfortunately I failed to implement a working logic for placing the bubbles at the right position. Not just because I didn't know how, but more because of my limited knowledge in C++ and game development. Since I like the name and have the assets, I hope to get this game finished.