How to use the CLI

EdgeOS is basically a modified Debian system and supports a lot of the commonly known commands.

The most important command or rather key is the ?. It will list all available commands in the given situation.

With configure you switch into configuration mode where you can change the router settings. Leave this mode with exit.

Use commit to apply changes and save to write them to disk.

See the CLI Primer (part 1), CLI Primer (part 2) and CLI Primer (part 3) for more useful tips!

Restart lighttpd

sudo killall -SIGHUP lighttpd

Load an old configuration via CLI

  • Download configuration to router: curl -O http://...
  • Switch to config mode: configure
  • Load the config: load /config/config-old.boot
  • Commit to apply the changes: commit
  • Save and exist: save; exit

For reference and more information see this article.

Update system image via CLI

  • Download and add new image: add system image http://dl.ubnt.com/...
  • Check system images: show system image
  • Reboot system: reboot

For reference and more information see this article.