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Here are some links to other articles, videos or podcasts, that I want to preserve as future referenced for myself, but are also worth sharing with others, since they are interesting and might have gotten lost on Slack, Discord or Twitter when I posted them over the last few days or weeks.

The title doesn’t mean I’ll do this weekly, but I couldn’t come up with anything better…

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C++20 & Examples

Not exactly an article to just read from start to finish, but a very handy reference with all the C++20 core features described and with example code.


Surprisingly Slow

Technical, but very insightful article on things on your computer that should be fast, but when examining closer, turns out to be surprisingly slow.


How to Think Like the SQL Server Engine

In the past weeks I attended some training courses on SQL Server indexes and queries. I learned a lot and was a bit surprised, that we don’t have this as a sort of mandatory training at work.
For the training course the prerequisite was to watch How to Think Like the SQL Server Engine and if you work with SQL Server in any way, I highly recommend to invest that one hour (or use a faster playback speeds).

Two’s Complement Podcast

A new podcast on different software development topics. Given the host’s background the discussions lean more towards C++ and embedded projects, but a lot of it, like testing, quality assurance and programming principles, applies to any programming language. It’s quite enjoyable to listen to!


Clean Slate – 64k

The demo party Revision 2021 was held over the long Easter weekend and my favorite demo scene group Conspiracy did it again and release an absolutely stunning 64k intro, which got first place in that category.
For those who might not be as familiar with the demo scene, they created a 64KiB executable that generates all the graphics, texts and audio you see in the video.

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