Easy Workflow Automation with n8n

Most people have seen or probably even done some workflow automations through IFTTT (IF This Then That) or Zapier. While the free plans on either of these platforms are enough for some very simple workflows, anything a bit more complicated comes at a price (e.g. for Zapier $19.99/month), granted even then IFTT remains attractive ($2.50/month […]

Update All The Packages

A short post on how to update all the packages for various package managers, be it programming language specific ones, or ones from OS-level package managers. For all the times you want to get your system up-to-date on all fronts. If you have some other package manager commands, post them as comment below! WinGet Chocolatey […]

Build With Boring Technologies

In my previous Black Holes of Information post I highlighted how “social” platforms can really destroy the searchability, accessibility and longevity of information on the internet in multiple ways. Similarly, if you want to build applications, website, tools for the future, build them with boring, old technologies. The Lindy Effect is a concept that suggests […]

Download Videos From Any Website

“If your browser can show it, you can download it”, doesn’t just apply to text and images, but also to videos. A lot of video players won’t allow you to download the video and the hosting sites will sometimes try very hard to make it near impossible to do so. It’s really a symptom of […]

GitHub Keyboard Shortcuts

Just a very brief post, as I just found out that GitHub offers quite a few nice keyboard shortcuts. Official GitHub Keyboard Shortcuts Documentations It’s a long list which I find feels overwhelming so I rarely actually pick up any and just close the page. To counter this, here are a few I found quite […]

Code and Run Apps With WSL2

Switching between VMs, dealing with the unfamiliarity feeling of the different OS and windowing system, and having your work-in-progress source code spread across multiple systems can become rather annoying and easily lead to a loss of motivation. For quite some time, I’ve been trying to get the Scancode feature finalized for SFML and experienced the […]