TIL: Recovery & Testing

TestDisk Data Recovery On Discord someone recently had one of their disk formatted by accident (remember kids, always backup before playing around with partitions for your dual-boot setup) and went around looking for a recovery software. In the past I’ve used R-Studio, not to be confused with RStudio, the IDE for the statistical programming language […]

TIL: Ninja & MSYS2 Clang

Ninja Continuing my quest of compiling SFML with all the flavors of Clang on Windows, I tried out the build system Ninja for the first time. It’s well-known, has its own CMake generator for a very long time and compared to a normal Visual Studio build it’s quite fast. There honestly isn’t too much to […]

Weekly Digest

Here are some links to other articles, videos or podcasts, that I want to preserve as future referenced for myself, but are also worth sharing with others, since they are interesting and might have gotten lost on Slack, Discord or Twitter when I posted them over the last few days or weeks. The title doesn’t […]

Record With OBS Studio

On my current project at work, we sometimes need to record a meeting, unfortunately the recording feature of the meeting software isn’t enable. As such I’ve written a short guide on how to use OBS Studio and thought, I’d share it on here as well. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio was, as the name implies, […]