Material for MkDocs GitHub Sponsor Journey

In the previous posts, I’ve written about MkDocs and Material for MkDocs (Static Site Generation from Markdown with MkDocs & Publishing a Static Site to Cloudflare Pages), but only realized the other week, that this also aligns pretty well with my other post on funding of open source projects (FOSS and Funding), because Martin Donath, […]

Install Microsoft Fonts Inside Docker

If you need Arial or some other Microsoft “Core Fonts” in your Docker or other headless installation, you might be tempted to just copy the fonts from your Windows installation, check them into your source control, and then copy it from there into the container, but reading the official Microsoft font FAQ and probably also […]

Static Site Generation from Markdown with MkDocs

For a side project I’ve been looking into static site generators and came across MkDocs or more specifically Material for MkDocs, which bundles a nicer theme and some useful default plugins into one package and with great documentation. As the name implies MkDocs was primarily developed to write documentation, but it also works quite nicely […]

Easy Workflow Automation with n8n

Most people have seen or probably even done some workflow automations through IFTTT (IF This Then That) or Zapier. While the free plans on either of these platforms are enough for some very simple workflows, anything a bit more complicated comes at a price (e.g. for Zapier $19.99/month), granted even then IFTT remains attractive ($2.50/month […]

FOSS & Funding

Having joined the SFML community somewhen in 2010/2011, became part of the SFML Team (i.e. a maintainer) in 2014, and just recently been appointed to BDFL this year, I do feel like having some insights of what it takes to run a FOSS project, even if our scale is still relatively small. From this point […]

SFML News – Week 20-25 (2023)

SFML 2.6.0 has been released! 🎉 It’s already been five and a half years since the last release and the changelog does show this. What I’m most proud of however is this: We got 74+ people contributing to this release! It really goes to show that SFML is a community project. While I hope we […]