Clean Reinstall of MySQL on Ubuntu

Recently, I came back to an existing WSL2 installation of MySQL, which unfortunately failed to start the mysql service (“MySQL has been frozen to prevent damage to your system.”). As I didn’t need any of the data, that I potentially used in the past, I decided to do a clean reinstallation of mysql-server, which turned […]

TIL: Git Commit Reordering

I’m a strong proponent for rebase workflows with Git – it just makes so much more sense to me, having the history be based on the latest changes, rather than interweaving the changes with back merges. Okay, but that’s a topic for another time, here’s what new thing I just found out about git rebase: […]

Material for MkDocs GitHub Sponsor Journey

In the previous posts, I’ve written about MkDocs and Material for MkDocs (Static Site Generation from Markdown with MkDocs & Publishing a Static Site to Cloudflare Pages), but only realized the other week, that this also aligns pretty well with my other post on funding of open source projects (FOSS and Funding), because Martin Donath, […]

Install Microsoft Fonts Inside Docker

If you need Arial or some other Microsoft “Core Fonts” in your Docker or other headless installation, you might be tempted to just copy the fonts from your Windows installation, check them into your source control, and then copy it from there into the container, but reading the official Microsoft font FAQ and probably also […]