Saying No to Good Ideas Is Hard

Recently, I read a similarly titled blog post: Focus Is Saying No To Good Ideas The title and part of the content resonated with me. Less because of the business cases presented, but much more coming from an architectural / code design perspective. If you want to focus on a specific scope of a library, […]

Do You Care…?

…about the people you work and for whom you develop software for? Or how Allen Pike put it, do you deliver: » Giving a Shit as a Service I think too often and too quickly we get lost in our own problems, be it code-wise or management-wise that we end up forgetting about the bigger […]

Informational vs Emotional Receiving

From a totally unrelated Hacker News discussion thread, I got a link to a quite enlightening display of how communication can be received in different ways. It reminded me of the German book “Miteinander Reden 1” by Friedemann Schulz von Thun that we’ve read in school many years ago. As such the topic wasn’t completely […]

Do You Work With Great People?

Just came across this excerpt by Richard Feynman over on the orange site: One of the first interesting experiences I had in this project at Princeton was meeting great men. I had never met very many great men before. But there was an evaluation committee that had to try to help us along, and help […]