Update All The Packages

A short post on how to update all the packages for various package managers, be it programming language specific ones, or ones from OS-level package managers. For all the times you want to get your system up-to-date on all fronts.

If you have some other package manager commands, post them as comment below!


winget upgrade --all


choco upgrade all

cup all


apt update
apt upgrade

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade


brew upgrade


For whatever reason, pip doesn’t have such an option. Instead of applying some unreadable Linux tool chaining, you can use the package pip-review instead.

pip install --update pip
pip install pip-review
pip-review --local --auto

pip3 install --update pip3
pip3 install pip-review
pip-review --local --auto


npm update

npm update -f

Update all globally installed packages:

npm update -g


vcpkg upgrade


Conan only operates on a provided conanfile.txt, as such, if you want to update a package, you have to manually modify the file.

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