Jumpy – A Doodle Jump clone

Titlescreen Gameplay


Jumpy is a clone of the well-known Doodle Jump game created by Lima Sky and originally developed for iOS but in the meantime also ported to Android.
The first version of Jumpy, back then it had the name ‘Doodle Jumpy’, was released for the 19th SCC (SFML Community Contest) of the German speaking SFML community. Within this one year my skills with C++ and SFML have greatly advanced and SFML itself has undergone big changes, which led me to refactor the game and I’ve now come to a state where the new version is fully playable. In the future I’ll keep refactoring and cleaning up the codebase, perhaps even adding new features.

Download & Source

License & Credits

This game is using the same license as SFML, namely zlib license.
With the refactoring I’ve introduced the SmallGameEngine into the game, it’s heavily based on the ‘Managing Game States in C++‘ tutorial by Anthony Lewis, so a big thanks to him for that tutorial.
And obviously the biggest thank you goes to Laurent, for his awesomeness in constantly developing and maintaining one of the best C++ libraries.

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