SFMLUploads.org – Relaunch

So I’ve taken ownership of the project SFMLUploads.org which is basically a file and image hoster made specially for developers who are using the SFMLibrary. Below you’ll find the announcement text I wrote for the official SFML forum.

After quite a few ups and even more downs SFMLUploads is finally back online!
SFMLUploads.org was originally created by the user Haikarainen back in May 2011 but due to server issues the project had experienced some hiccups in the early days and then went offline in July 2012. As quite a few things have been uploaded to that site and linked to in this forum, I felt it was wrong to lead the project drop dead, thus I contacted Haikarainen and convinced him to let me host and maintain the website. So here we are with the relaunch of SFMLUploads!

All the files and user accounts have been successfully transferred over to the new host, thus you’ll be able to log into your old account again to get access to your files. If you don’t remember your password you can contact me and I’ll give you the opportunity to re-register.

SFMLUploads logo

SFMLUploads is aimed at developers using the SFML library, and it’s main purpose is to serve those users with bandwidth for:

  • Project archives, allowed extensions are: .rar, .zip, .tar, .tar.gz, .tgz, .deb, .rpm, .7z, .xz, and .ace.
  • Code-snippets, syntax-highlighted code with support for 100+ languages, “fork”-able, meaning users can create other versions of it. Useful with debugging etc. Kind of like Pastebin.
  • Screenshots/images, allowed extensions are .jpg, .jpeg and .png. Primarily for screenshots, but other picture are allowed as well.

The main rule is: It HAS to have something to do with SFML, either if it’s for a forum post where you seek help for debugging a problem related to/which uses SFML, or if it’s download links for your awesome game on your personal blog or something, etc. You can read the full terms here.

I hope you like it – signup and enjoy! :)

PS: This service is 100% free, if you feel like donating for the hosting cost then you can do this here. Thanks!

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