Visual Studio Tip: Save Layouts

When working a lot with Visual Studio, you’ll run into the issue of managing your windows properly. You may spend quite some time figuring out the perfect layout, only to have Visual Studio randomly move a window around again, when you have to restart Visual Studio. Or you keep rearranging your windows depending on what you’re currently working on. Either way, you spend too much time fighting the IDE, instead of getting work done.

Visual Studio multi-mon

The other day I ran into a mention of being able to save window layouts, demonstrated also in this Channel 9 video among other useful tips and one of the first things at work today, was to seek and try out said feature.

It’s as easy as:

  • Setup your windows
  • Navigate to Windows > Save Layouts
  • Give your layout a name
  • You can now reset to that layout at anytime by pressing Ctrl + Alt + [Num]

Hope this tip could save your time as well. :)

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