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Although I already maintain a blog, I always wanted to write even more about my adventures in the development section. It was actually one of the main reason I started the other blog and if you look closely you could also find quite a few few posts about programming stuff.
Now as I got deeper involved with C++ and SFML I noticed that the common language to write about it is not German but surprise, surprise English.
On the other hand “My-Gate • Blog” got more and more personal which may not be that interesting for tech guys.

The main topics will be about C++ and SFML (Simple and Fast Multimedia Library) although I’ll also write about topics that seem interesting and could be of value to others.


As with all blogs, I hope to contribute here on regular basis and probably will fail doing so from time to time. :)

2 thoughts on “Welcome to My Development Blog

  1. I know that picture in the title!!!
    Did you also tested SDL? What are the pros and cons? (->hint: idea for a blog post ;-)
    By the way the “HTML tags and attributes” description below of this comment box is super small, I bet you can’t read it on your notebook screen…

  2. Hehe, nice that you recognize it! :)

    I briefly tested SDL before I switched to SFML. The strong pro of SDL is that it’s available nearly on any device by default.
    The big downside is that it’s written in C which then feels in many ways hacked together. Also if you want more than just graphics you’ll have to use additionally proprietary modules
    SFML shines in that part. It’s entirly written by one developer which has spend many hours thinking about the structure and design and thus created very neat C++ classes to abstract 2D graphics, audio, network, threads, etc.
    I guess this would make an excelent post, thanks for the hint. ;)

    Will try to enlarge the font, it’s somewhere hidden within the theme or wordpress.

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