SFML Steam Games – Part 2

Over the last five and bit years since the first part of this series (which I totally forgot about), we have seen quite a few more games join my list of SFML games on Steam. I’ll keep it chronologically to the best of my knowledge. If you think, I’ve missed a game, please mention it in the comments below!

Air Forte

Screenshot of Air Forte

I learn about or was reminded of Air Forte by Blendo Games only after the last post. Air Forte precedes Postmortem by roughly three years, thus making it the oldest known SFML Steam Game. The game studio Blendo Game is quite known for Atom Zombie Smasher, which originally also used SFML, but has since be re-written using SDL.

Air Forte is a math and words game, with upbeat music and fun sound effects. It features three or rather four modes, a story-driven Adventure mode, a Challenge mode with the clock counting up, and an Infinite mode, where the clock counts down until you find a matching word or number, as well as a Practice mode, where you get to select the category and card counts. Additionally, you can play with multiple people on the same PC and see who can get the high-score. The game idea is simple, yet it’s implemented very well and doesn’t not only run on SFML, but even on SFML.Net!

K Station

Screenshot of K Station

As a big fan of old school adventure games, as well as anything science fiction, I was very hyped, when I saw the posts around K Station. It’s a nice pixel graphics adventure game with text command input, like the old King Quest or Space Quest games. You can move around with the arrow keys and get to meet different people aboard this space, but also slowly notice how stuff is disappearing and trying to figure out what is going on.

This all however reminds me, that I should really get back to the game, because having only clocked 2.6h on it, I’ve probably not seen most of the game’s content. It’s (currently) free on Steam, so if you like this kind of game, go check it out!

The Away Team: Lost Exodus

Banner of Away Team Lost Exodus

We remain in space, as we get to explore space, different planets and eventually, hopefully, find a new home for our crew. You, the AI pilot, gets to make easy as well as hard decisions, from crew selection, navigation paths, to decisions on life and death.

It’s a heavily story-driven game, but you get to make a lot of decisions, which do really influence the games outcome. With my very short playtime on this title, I can’t really give more insights, but it seems to have a high re-playability potential. If you like a choose-your-own-adventure kind of book/game set in space, then you should really pick this up!

Escape the Game

Screenshot from Escape The Game

As a final game in this post, we have simple platformer with a character called Kevin, who can’t seem to stop talking and commenting on all of your actions. It’s humorous and not quite clear what you’re getting yourself into, because as you progress, the game seems to get more and more distorted and broken.

The game is free to play and serves as an introduction for the much larger game, that was released several years after this one. As such, stay tuned for the next parts of SFML Steam Games, which should feature it eventually.


We have a long way to go on the list of SFML Steam Games that I’m aware of! Already at this point it’s just awesome to see what people have come up with and how SFML is driving all these games in the background.

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