SFML Steam Games – Part 8

We’re slowly approaching the 2020’s area of SFML games and got quite a diverse selection. Check out the previous part in case you missed it.

Break the Game

Screenshot of the game Break The Game

Remember Kevin? No? Have you not read the second part of the SFML Steam Games series? Break the Game is the sequel or “proper” game to the previously looked at Escape the Game. I’d describe it in short as story-driven platformer that plays in a digital video game world.

You get to control a little cube, called Kevin, which wants to escape the game. While doing so, you get to meet other characters and get to explore this strange digital world, that doesn’t exactly seem very stable. Since it’s quite story-driven, I don’t want to spoil much more, then again, as I’ve only play a couple of minutes, I haven’t really seen most of the game yet either.

I really like the humor and how the different emotions are communicated and expressed through text placements and eye shapes. If you get easily motion sick or can’t handle flashing lights, this might not be a game for you. For the rest, it’s really entertaining, so do grab a copy!

Mole Game

Screenshot of the Mole Game

Mole Game is a very basic puzzle game, where you get to collect sunflower seeds as a mole, while making sure you get enough seeds to open the S.E.W.E.R., don’t get stuck in a corner, and don’t die due to traps.

I find it neat, that such a simple game with basic graphics ended up on Steam, even if others may like to “gatekeep” the store for “high quality” games only.

The game is free, so if you want to be a mole for some minutes or just play a simple puzzler, add it to your library!


Screenshot of the game MoonQuest

MoonQuest, formerly known as Moonman, had been in the making for eight years, had a successful Kickstarter and some interesting technical posts on TIG Source. It’s a mix of adventure, roguelike and exploration. The maps are procedurally generated, so there’s endless depth to it, with many different regions to explore.

The game is fully destructible, which gives you resources to craft items, from armor to weapons and various special items. There are also hundreds of items hidden in the game worlds, waiting to be found. You can choose different characters to explore the plentiful regions, there are various NPCs, good and bad, and of course, you need to fend of not so friendly mobs.

To me the game feels a bit overwhelming to get into, as there are so many options, you can die quickly and it takes some time to really understand the possibilities. I do really love the pixel-art style with beautiful lighting.

DarkStory Online

Screenshot of the game DarkStory Online

It’s true, someone seems to have ignored all the advice to not create an MMO and thus DarkStory Online was born and it’s not even written in C++, it actually uses SFML.Net.

As I hadn’t had the energy and time to get started with a new MMORPG 2D, I can’t really report from a hands-on perspective. Looking at some videos and reading some posts, it does seem to be a pretty fully-fledged MMO, with lots of quests, monsters, crafting, professions, mounts, bosses, mini-games, etc.

Reviews are currently mixed, with the usual disagreements on what counts as “fun” and how active or not the community is. There seem to be regular events being published, so the game is still quite active.

If you wonder what a SFML.Net based MMORPG 2D looks like, then you can grab the game for free!


Story, platformer, puzzle, roguelike, procedural generation, MMO, RPG, etc. As said, a very diverse selection of games this time around. It really does amaze me, what people create with SFML and it makes me happy to know, that these games have brought a lot of joy to the players and hopefully also the developers.

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