SFML Steam Games – Part 7

After platforming and role-playing get ready for some action, relax by mowing some gras or if you hadn’t had enough, do some platforming again.

Hyperspace Dogfights

Screenshot of the game Hyperspace Dogfights

This a really cool looking dogfighting game. Use missiles, lasers and other weaponry to fight waves of enemy jets, anti-air missiles and more. It’s quite fun, but I’m really bad at coordinating to fight against gravity, dodging incoming missiles, all while trying to hit targets in front of you. As with most games, it takes a bit time to get used to the visual and audio hints and master the correct responses and movements. I was a bit confused on the purchase and unlock side, as it wasn’t really clear how I gain currency and what I’m getting when spending it.

Technology wise it’s quite interesting, because the game seems to have been developed on an old version of GDevelop, which in the past used SFML underneath. GDevelop is a not very well-known engine, but it feels quite slick to use. I tested the latest version. The guided tutorial is done very well and with just a few clicks, you have yourself the first game. I don’t remember when GDevelop switch away from SFML or what they use now, but it’s cool seeing a game released that still uses SFML.

Want to shoot some airships? Then get it now!


Screenshot of the game SEQUENCE STORM

Feel the rhythm? SEQUENCE STORM is a futuristic looking rhythm game, meaning you have to hit the correct keys and the correct time to line up with the music playing. My only real reference point for rhythm games are VR games that I’ve played, as such it feels a bit unjust to compare the handwaving, “natural” controls of VR, with keyboard button smashing. As the game has controller support, I gave it a try with my Xbox controller and must say, it’s a bit easier, since the buttons are way more distinct, than a random assortment of keys on the keyboard.

There are two modes, one is a mission mode, where you can also play through some tutorials to get accustomed to the controls and get a bit of a backstory to the whole game. The other mode is just arcade, with lots of different levels to choose from. Some require unlocking, some are part of a DLC, and others can directly be downloaded from the Steam Workshop.

It’s really nice seeing such a polished rhythm game made with SFML! 🙂

Mow Problem

Screenshot of the game Mow Problem

I had this game in my Steam library for quite a while and never actually gave it a try. Yet, I had to pull myself from it, to finish this blog post. The game features two modes, one is a story mode and one is a puzzle mode, what that means, is that you essentially have two different games in one.

The puzzle one is what you see in the screenshot, you get to program the lawnmower to move around in the most efficient way to mow the whole lawn. I actually only played through the tutorials here, as the pre-programming didn’t really tickle my brain as much, but regardless, it’s done very well. It works great, you can easily add and move around the command blocks.

The story mode is what has hooked me for over an hour. You get to explore randomly generated mazes, solve puzzles and play mini games of various kinds. From mini golf, to bike racing and even some platformer, it has everything. Unfortunately, I ran into an impossible puzzle, luckily the author gave me a workaround for this kind of situation.

There are also many easter eggs and hidden achievements. It’s really great and can’t wait to go back in and finish (?) the story mode.

Not So Heart

Screenshot of the game Not So HEart

The game self-describes itself as “hardcore platformer”, which by the tags probably means, that you have to be very precise in the movements. I really dislike such platformers, since I’m terrible at them and the usually expected way to play them is with a controller, which I’m really bad at.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the game to start. It just closes and the log files just mention something about being unable to bind the socket to port 56000, so I sadly couldn’t even fail at it. Might try and reach out to the author.


Hyperspace Dogfights has great visuals, even if I struggled a lot with the controls. Mow Problem! is an absolute must buy and it amazes me how many mini games are in there. You get two games from the start and then lots and lots of mini games through out the story mode.

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