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Way back mid 2009, I started my original blog under my brother’s domain. Towards the end of that year, I purchased my own domain and moved everything under

At the time I was a big fan of Stargate and had the idea to make a fancy site with sections as sort of “gates” to other pages. Who didn’t want some cool looking site in the era of Flash and with inspirations like derBauer?! At some point, I even thought about making a game with the same name out of it. Clearly, I never really did anything fancy and thus the name of the site was never really relevant to the content itself. In fact, the my- prefix was more a last minute decision, when no domain for just “gate.TLD” was available, or at least that’s how I vaguely remember it. Either way, I was never a big fan of the domain and been meaning to move to something more interesting.

Some months ago I purchased and decided, while it’s a bit boring and long, to go with my lastname as “branding”. Since it’s a very Swiss lastname, the Dürrenberger population is limited, and the overlap with people working in IT and publishing stuff online is even narrower, it’s pretty uniquely identifiable.

So I’m happy to announce that the blog and the website have found a new home!

    I’ve setup permanent redirects from the old domains and will continue to serve the old domain, so in theory you don’t have to change anything, but I still recommend updating your bookmark or RSS feed URL to the nee domain.

    If you notice something broken due to the move, or find some outdated links, please let me know, so I can fix them. 🙂

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