SFML Steam Games – Part 4

To the best of my knowledge, we’re now all caught up on old games and can continue chronologically. As always, if I missed a game that was released earlier, please let me know!


Screenshot of the game Kronos

Kronos is a great Action RPG with lots of fighting and spell casting. Unfortunately, there seems to be an issue with the keyboard handling, that I couldn’t really figure out, but effectively made the game (nearly) unplayable. The only way I managed to move around, was by alt-tabbing out of the game and back in again, this “unlocked” the WASD keys for some seconds. I reported this to the devs, so hopefully this can be fixed.

If you like Action RPGs, then this game is definitely for you, and if the base game with its different difficulties isn’t enough, then there’s even a free DLC that you can grab. Or if you want to reminisce after playing it, you can get a copy of the soundtrack as well.

An Octonaut Odyssey

Screenshot of the game An Octonaut Odyssey

An Octonaut Odysse is quite the experience. It’s a rather casual platformer, no complex puzzle solving, but it doesn’t feel just like a walking simulator, as you’re encountering new things and you never know what to expect next. I really love the graphics, the popping colors, the nice backdrops that dynamically appear as you pass them, the quirky characters you meet along the way, and of course the little Octonaut character.

If you like a game that teleports you to a different planet for a while and got one buck to spare, then I highly recommend to give this one a try.

Gemstone Keeper

Gemstone Keeper is a twin-stick shooter and dungeon crawler combine in one and (almost?) everything is made up of letters/characters. All the levels, walls, enemies, pick up, etc. are all rendered as text characters. I’m quite bad at the game, especially when I try to play it with a controller, but it does look quite neat. Getting text to render like this in SFML, must have not been easy.

Underneath Gamestone Keeper uses Vigilante Framework, which Gamepopper created and even open-sourced. It allows for basic 3D rendering in a 2D game and is built on top of SFML.

Gamestone Keeper is also the first SFML game ever released for the Nintendo Switch. Due to Nintendo’s secretness and NDA’s around its code and consoles, we unfortunately couldn’t integrate the SFML port for the Switch into the SFML repository, but any Nintendo develop can get access to the port.


Screenshot of the game Cuit

Cuit is a really nicely design circuit/logic game. You got lots of different components and always need to be on the look out to not blow everything up. The puzzles can be quite challenging, even if it seems rather easy in the beginning.

The game was designed for mobile, which was always the goal, as far as I can remember and the game play shows that a bit, but I think it works quite well. Unfortunately, the developer never really made it to releasing the game on mobile and the website as well as social media page have been removed since. I think it would’ve been a great mobile game and good demo for SFML.

If you like logic/circuit puzzles, even if the labels and symbols are non-standard, then give this one a try. It’s free!


It’s quite surprising to me, that these games have been release in 2017, since I remember their releases still quite vividly – time passes quickly. I really hope to reach someone at the UroboroStudio to get those WASD controls fixed, as it seems like quite a fun game.

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