Whisper.cpp v1.4, Consultancies and Denglish

I wanted to present the next version of WhisperSFML, as previously promised, but while I got a somewhat working continuous audio capture setup with SFML and a little help from ChatGPT, I didn’t manage to put everything together in time. So instead if you want, you can recompile WhisperSFML and make use of the newly release whisper.cpp v1.4.0, which brings support for integer quantization, which to me just means, that the models themselves end up smaller.

If that wasn’t enough, here are two articles I read recently and found quite interesting and entertaining.

Working at Consultancies

If you consider taking on a job at a consultancy or always wanted to have a look behind the scene, I came across this article by Pavel Danov, which seems pretty accurate by my own and other people’s accounts.


Pavel Danov

Languages Intermix

As a Swiss, I get to experience a lot of intermixing of languages, but it’s probably not comparable with Berlin’s international crowd. In the article Beamer, Dressman, Bodybag, Alexander Wells shows some absurd mixes of German and English, which we call Denglish (Deutsch & English).

I once read a discussion thread on a forum where people argued whether fighten — preferred by many German boxing fans, for some reason, over kämpfen — should take the past-participle gefightet, gefighted or gefaughtet.

Alexander Wells

I quite like one of the conclusions, that English isn’t the language of the native speakers anymore, but that there are more non-native English speakers, who shape and form the language with their own backgrounds and influences.

It’s quite a funny article, if you know a bit German, so I highly recommend to give it a read.

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