TIL: Ninja & MSYS2 Clang

Ninja Continuing my quest of compiling SFML with all the flavors of Clang on Windows, I tried out the build system Ninja for the first time. It’s well-known, has its own CMake generator for a very long time and compared to a normal Visual Studio build it’s quite fast. There honestly isn’t too much to […]

Weekly Digest

Here are some links to other articles, videos or podcasts, that I want to preserve as future referenced for myself, but are also worth sharing with others, since they are interesting and might have gotten lost on Slack, Discord or Twitter when I posted them over the last few days or weeks. The title doesn’t […]

Record With OBS Studio

On my current project at work, we sometimes need to record a meeting, unfortunately the recording feature of the meeting software isn’t enable. As such I’ve written a short guide on how to use OBS Studio and thought, I’d share it on here as well. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio was, as the name implies, […]

You Are Not Wasting Time

On the SFML Discord and forum, I get to mentor and support a lot of new beginners, often with some of their first steps in programming. It’s not uncommon that they feel like wasting their time, because they can’t figure something out and spend hours or days on it. I think every programmer, myself included, […]

Eight Years on Twitter

Today I got a notification that it’s my 8 year anniversary on Twitter and it made me think back a bit when it all started and how I’ve been using the platform. It all started in 2012… I don’t particularly remember, why I created an account, most likely just trying out what everyone has been […]

How To Build a PC

I was recently asked on Twitter how to approach building a PC for the first time. What followed was a thread of Tweets with some suggestions and I thought, it might be an interesting topic to put in a blog format as well. Easy and Hard Before you start it’s important to understand, as long […]